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Love makes the world go round

Our aim is for Arborhouse to be a safe, interesting and fun place to work for us and our employees. We are fair and considered in our dealings with other businesses and suppliers and we treat our clients with respect and transparency.

Non-toxic and VOC-free

By sourcing solid wood components, quality plywoods and using pure, natural glues, we are able to offer fully non-toxic kitchens and furniture which are free from volatile-organic-compounds.

Re-use and recycle is our policy

From reclaimed timber to re-purposed furniture. We always aim to see the potential in what’s around us. We’re happy to pay that bit extra to make sure our waste is recycled rather than sent to landfill. We even process waste wood and store it for the workshop woodburner in winter.

Locally sourced and made to last

Despite the globalised nature of our supply chain we use independent local suppliers for our materials and we only use FSC-certified timber. In a culture where planned obsolescence is the norm, the very quality of our work is sustainable – it will endure.