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Bristol Reclaimed Kitchen
Bristol Bespoke Kitchen
Kitchen Review
Bristol Handmade Kitchen
Bristol Reclaimed Kitchen Shelves
Bespoke Shaker Kitchen Sideboard
Bespoke Shaker Oak Sideboard
Bespoke Reclaimed Oak Kitchen Worktop
Handmade Shaker Kitchen
Kitchen Review
Handmade Shaker Kitchen Corner Drawers
Bespoke Shaker Kitchen
Shaker Kitchen Shelves
Bedminster Fitted Kitchen Dinette
Bespoke Kitchen Dinette Bench
Painted Shaker Furniture
Bespoke Fitted Furniture Drawers
Painted Shaker Doors
Kitchen Table
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Bespoke Handmade Kitchens

Maximise the potential of your kitchen, whatever its size.

Kitchens are personal spaces, often serving many purposes. Our passion for design and commitment to traditional craft are evident in every kitchen project we undertake.

Our experience of designing and making boat interiors means that our perspective on how space can be used is innovative and efficient.

We work with you to combine your vision with our expertise, delivering a tailored service from design to installation. From the beautiful character of reclaimed timber to the clean lines of modern design, we respond to any style you want. We can also tailor our designs to be totally non-toxic and VOC-free.

Our full 3D CAD plans, combined with carefully selected samples of materials, finishes, and colours, will give you a clear sense of the finished look, so you can be sure that your kitchen is perfect for you.

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